A year later…

I have no idea if anyone reads this blog or not.  Just in case someone occassionally checks in, I thought I’d do an unpdate.  In reality, I should use this blog regularly and maybe I’ll begin doing so again.  About the time I stopped posting on this blog, I started a photography website with an accompanying blog and began posting there:  www.joslynsmithphotography.com / http://joslynsmithphotography.wordpress.com

But, I only post my photographs there.  That’s fine but, in truth, my other art is more important to and reflective of who I am and the growth that I’m expeirencing in my life.  I anticipate the next two or so years to be especially interesting and exciting for me and I think that continuing using my art as a key form of expression is going to be increasingly important.  So, I think I’ll try to use this site to document those things and my journey in general – maybe making it a little more general than just my art.  Maybe I’ll try to share more of my story.  I’m not really sure.  For now, to get back into the swing of things here, I’ll share a watercolor that I did about two weeks ago.  It remains untitled for now, but I’m sure that will eventually change.


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