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May 26, 2009

Here are my two newest watercolors – the first from yesterday, the second from this evening.  Let me know what you think! 

sad 2desert wisdom


Catching Up

May 23, 2009

I had a brief unexpected detour in my life and had to take some time to tend to myself and my health for a bit in New York.  Because of that, I haven’t had the opportunity to post anything since February… much too long ago.  I have so much to catch up on here.  My brother got married and I photographed the Tucson wedding.  While I was in Arizona, I did a photo shoot with my friend Holli and her family (husband Brad and daughter Anna).  It was wonderful to meet Anna Jean for the first time and to photograph and fall in love with her in person, rather than via her MeMe, Mary Ellen!  It was fun for me too because I photographed her parents’ wedding in San Diego almost three years ago… 

I’ve also begun watercoloring over the past month or so.  It’s been an interesting transition for me.  Anytime I’ve painted before, I plan out everything before I begin…  I conceptualize what I want to paint, then sketch it out, perfect the sketch, then transfer it onto the canvas, and eventually get around to doing a painting.  With the watercolors, I’m being much more spontaneous and I’ve been suprised at what comes to me when I just start putting the brush to the paper without really thinking about it.  While I was in NY, I also picked up crocheting.  I’m currently working on my fourth blanket and find that working with the yarn really relaxes me.  I’m thankful for having learned that during this stage of my life. 

So, this is a probably too-long post to share some of what I’ve done over the past few months.  I am in the midst of several life changes that are exciting and scary and lots of other things all at once.  My hope is that I will use this space to write more about all that I’m transitioning toward as those things begin to happen and to share the art that I create as I move through these new motions….

I’ll start from the most recent “creativity” and work backwards…

Two of my watercolors from the past three weeks:

self acceptance
















Here are a few of my favorites of Anna and her parents Holli and Brad (if I posted all of the ones I’d like to, we’d be here for hours):



And, finally, after three months… a few pics from Clay and Erin’s wedding on February 21, 2009.  Welcome to the family, Erin!

wedding2 041awedding2 057awedding2 131wedding2 213a2wedding 059awedding 075bwedding 189awedding 190