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Take Two

August 29, 2008

Following up on my post from last weekend, here is my favorite black and white of my friends Amena and Chris. I don’t typically do photos with so much room around the subject but I’m trying to branch out a little and am super happy (even a little excited) with how this one turned out.



August 27, 2008

Anyone who has known me for a while knows that when the wheels in my head start turning, I can become consumed with wanting to “change the world.”  Typically, no matter how much I’m doing, I tend to think that I should/could be doing more. (I know I’m not alone in this – most of my friends have the same problem.)  Once again, those “should do more” thoughts are roaming around in my mind. 

I guess there’ve been several things that have prompted this brainstorming session in me… one was this video, which my dear friend Margo shared with me.  So, I thought I’d share it here, because I think it’s important:

I suspect that in the coming weeks I’ll write more about all the thoughts that are keeping me awake at night and reminding me of all my “interesting” (good interesting) shelter directing days back in Arkansas.

Evening Portraits

August 23, 2008

I just got back from shooting portraits of my friends Amena and Chris who got married two weeks ago (see earlier post for a few wedding pictures).  It was a bit dark when we started taking pictures but I’m pleased with the outcome on several of the digital pics.  I took my film camera also and took some black and white shots that I have higher hopes for.  Below are two of the color digital pictures from tonight that I’m very pleased with. I’ll post black and white ones next weekend after I get them developed.


Beautifully Misshapen

August 17, 2008

Sometimes when I’m doing art, I gain a level of personal understanding and am almost always very grateful for those moments.  That happened to me last weekend.  I had been working on drawing a dancing figure.  I always make my figures fairly substantial in size but was fussing over how to make her body more perfectly shaped.  Then my perspective shifted a bit and I realized that, if I were to paint a “perfectly” shapen body, I’d really be doing a disservice to every woman.  So, I left her as she was and, in the process, seemed to gain a new bit of acceptance for my own body. 

Then, I had a really great experience on Thursday that nicely followed my artistic “ah ha.”  This week/weekend was the APA Annual Convention in Boston.  I’ve worked at APA for about 2.5 years but hadn’t attended the convention yet; this year I submitted a proposal for an eating disorders symposium that was accepted.  On Thursday, I chaired the panel and had several incredible psychologists presenting:  Margo Maine, Michael Levine, Ruth Striegel-Moore, Steve Wonderlich, and Margarita Alegria.  It was very well attended and I’ve received very positive feedback from attendees.  It was such an honor for me to participate in this with individuals who I’ve admired for so long and whose work in the field of eating disorders has helped me understand my own struggles better.  I feel strongly that they made a real difference with their presentations, and I am so appreciative that they travelled to Boston to join me.  I feel even more committed to continue doing eating disorders policy work and feel confident that we’re slowly but surely making really meaningful strides that will ultimately help many individuals and families. 

So, in honor of those women who might feel less than “enough” but are beautiful in all the ways that matter – here is my most recent painting, Beautifully Misshapen.

It’s difficult to tell but, along with the beads along the bottom, there are several tiny swarovsky crystals above and around the figure, including one in each hand.  Here’s a detail that shows that a little better:

Also, I’ll share a poem that I wrote a while ago but haven’t posted yet.  It seems appropriate here, I think.

On a cool patch of earth
I curl into myself
Beginning anew
Vowing to accept my body this time
And to return often to this land that nurtures me
Holds me in her wide palm
Cradling me
Whispering to me…
     Your body reflects my own contours
     Curves that mirror
     Rolling hills and grand mountains
     Dipping into valleys, canyons, crevices
     Breathtaking and more exotic than flat lands and prairies.

As I finish this and notice the date on the top of the entry, I realize that today is exactly 7 years since I left eating disorders treatment in Iowa.  Interesting…

Mendhi and Wedding photos

August 10, 2008

Amena and Chris, my colleagues at work, got married this afternoon.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I took my camera and snapped a few pics today as well as last night at the Mendhi.  I’ll be taking portraits of them at some point this fall so will have more “offical” pictures to post in a couple of months.  For now, here are some of my favorites from this weekend.  Here are a few from the Mendhi last night:



I know it’s blurry but I liked it for some reason…

(I have absolutely no idea how that happened or what it’s a picture of, but I think it looks kinda cool.)

And here are a few from the wedding this afternoon:


I think this is my personal favorite from the day… she’s stunning.

And, on an unrelated note, I learned how to make jewelry and just finished a necklace using a pendant that I had already… This could be my new pasttime. 🙂